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Episode 6: Filthy Horrors... Lite

Darla's not feeling well, but there are donuts and there is coffee, so Jessica and Michael have an informal chat about... well, about a lot of stuff. They begin and end with Horror, but there are lots of other rooms to explore in this old, dark house and some of them are filled with Magnum PI and Star Trek.

Topics Covered:
Evil Dead (2013)The Golem (2018)The Wind (2018)Making comics and attending conventionsDisney+ and CBS All AccessMagnum PI and ‘80s TVStar TrekEditors and the creative processGodzilla moviesGhost Stories (2017)The Beast of Wolfe’s Bay by Erik EvensenMarrying Mr. Darcy card gameRachel Rising by Terry MooreRevival by Tim Seeley and Mike NortonHack/Slash by Tim Seeley and Emily StoneRelic by Douglas Preston and Lincoln ChildThe Necromancer; or, The Tale of the Black Forest by Ludwig FlammenbergThe Ring (2002) score by Hans ZimmerAmbientmusic onYouTube

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